RWM 2012

GW Containers along with key partner Promens participated in there third RWM show. The show was once again a hit with many visitors through the door showing a massive interest in the Saeplast 605 and Saeplast 1000 litre containers.

The theme for the stand was really a focus on the durability, strength and robustness of insulated containers and how they are “built to last”. Since the 2011 show many people have made the positive switch to the Saeplast 605 litre PE container for a variety of applications including: Battery Recycling, Scrap metal, By products and food waste within many large brand named food companies.

The Saeplast 605 litre container is the only PE (polyethylene) foam filled insulated container currently available on the market. The PE foam bonds exceptionally well with the outer skin meaning added strength and a proven track record in reducing breakages compared to brittle single walled containers.

The Saeplast 605 litre PE container still remains the market leader and number one insulated container in the UK and by far still the strongest and best value for money. For further details on how insulated containers can save you money call 01543 279122.