Fish Sector



Over 30 years supplying the UK fishing industry


GW Containers & Equipment Ltd has provided industry-leading equipment to the fishing industry for over three decades. Our plastic fish boxes and fish baskets are a mainstay at ports, fish markets and fish processors across the UK.

Our fish boxes and fish baskets are created specifically for the demanding fishing industry, making them a durable and reliable option that will ensure your seafood makes it from sea to store in prime condition.

GW Containers are also the sole UK supplier of the world-leading Saeplast Insulated Containers. Saeplast containers are unrivalled in their durability and provide the insulated nature of the containers provides the prime condition for transporting a variety of fish and seafood.

Available in PE and PUR, we have a range of Saeplast containers from 70 litres to 1400 litres, meaning their is the perfect container for every application for the fishing, seafood and aquaculture industries.

Our expertise in providing the perfect solution for the fishing sector makes us the ideal partner for your project.


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