Leading Supermarket Switches to Saeplast to Save!!

One of the UK’s top four supermarkets has switched to using the Saeplast 605 Litre Insulated Container from their old single walled containers.

GW Containers had been providing a Dolav Repair service to the supermarket for the past few years. After reviewing their annual repair costs, GW Containers calculated the company was scrapping 24% of their pallet box pool each year and repairing at least the same. This meant a false economy for the supermarket as they were spending more and more each year on repairs and replacing scrapped containers meaning a very high total cost of ownership for the single walled containers.

Whilst initially the Saeplast unit is more costly, the supermarket soon realised after a trial that the Saeplast containers were far superior in quality, strength and lifespan and would ultimately save the company a substantial amount of money over the proven 10 year lifespan that the Saeplast container can offer.

After the successful trial the company will be slowly replacing their container pool over the next 18 months to ensure all containers will be Saeplast branded and within two years will start to see huge savings and greater efficiency within the business.

The Saeplast 605 has been used in some of the toughest environments for the past 11 years. Its low total cost of ownership makes it desirable for any company breaking or repairing a lot of containers, the Saeplast 605 is PE insulated and Dolav (or Arca) compatible making it easy to replace over a longer period of time.

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