Buchan Inshore Choose Saeplast for Grant Funding!

Buchan inshore fishermen engage in quality pilot scheme

Members of the Buchan Inshore fishermen’s Association (BIFA) recently took delivery of insulated containers for use in a catch quality comparative pilot study this summer during the hand line mackerel fishery, reports David Linkie.

G W Containers supplied 38 Saeplast 100 and 200 litre insulated and lidded containers customised with the vessel’s name to skippers at Fraserburgh and Peterhead in a pilot project which, proposed by BIFA was supported by Scottish Inshore Fisheries Group funds.

Extensive comparative trials will be carried out during the summer fishery to provide data on how the use of insulated bins containing ice/chilled seawater on board vessels can improve catch handling. Calculations will also show the expected payback period based on the full cost of a bin.

Based on positive feedback from inshore fishermen in other parts of the UK, BITA members opted for Saeplast double walled insulated containers that have a polyethylene exterior and an extra thick polyurethane expanded foam interior to give the optimum level of insulation and help keep products fresh and improve quality and price.

The proposal put forward by BIFA was developed in conjunction with local fish processors in Fraserburgh and Peterhead, which provided invaluable advice with regard to fish quality and marketing.

BIFA member and Fraserburgh skipper Bruce Masson said, “Effective teamwork between catchers, processors, IFG, Marine Scotland and GW Containers/Saeplast has been key to this initiative getting off the ground. Maximising the already high quality of handline mackerel at the same time as ensuring higher levels of supply continuity will enable processors to grow their markets during the summer fishery, when there is a well proven demand for fish.

Chairman of Moray Firth North Coast IFG John Cox added, “I am delighted the pilot project to be up and running with the delivery of the new bins, supported through this IFG. We will keep a close eye on what will be a good investment in supporting the promotion of locally caught mackerel. This will also complement the Moray Firth Partnership’s “Sea Food-See Here” project which aims to increase awareness and demand for locally landed seafood and demonstrate the health and economic benefits of fresh local produce. It will also help position the area to benefit from a planned East Scotland Seafood Trail.

This initiative highlights the innovative, partnership-led and locally specific approach to fisheries management that Inshore Fisheries Groups try to promote at every opportunity. It is also encouraging that this pilot scheme has already attracted significant interest from inshore fishermen in other areas of Scotland.”