10 Years Tried & Tested

A leading UK company has celebrated 10 years of using the Saeplast PE insulated Containers. The Saeplast containers were launched into the company in 2003 after a long and extensive search to find a more durable, robust and long lasting pallet box. After many years searching, GW Containers introduced the new PE (polyethylene) insulated container to the company and they have never looked back.

A Common Problem…

There is a common problem hundreds of businesses face in the UK… Broken containers! Not only do the containers cost money to repair and replace but they can also seriously disrupt production and a company’s ability to process product. The problem got so severe for this particular company that they were taking delivery of over 200 pallet boxes a MONTH to just maintain their pool due to the severity of damage to their single walled containers.

The Solution…

The Saeplast 605 Litre PE insulated container has now proven itself over a 10 year lifespan! In one of the most demanding and brutal environments any plastic pallet box can be put up too. Since switching to the Saeplast 605 unit 10 years ago, the company has saved close to £250,000 per year. This over a 10 year period is a staggering amount of money that can be saved from switching to a high quality, robust and durable product.

The Containers…

The Saeplast 605 is the only Dolav compatible (630 Litre is Arca compatible) container which has PE insulation to ensure it is the strongest and ONLY PROVEN insulated container to last over 10 years. Available solely through GW Containers the Saeplast unit offers many benefits including.

  • Huge savings per year on repair and replacement costs.
  • PE Insulation for added strength, lifespan and non-porous
  • Various colours, logo printing and sequential numbering AS STANDARD.
  • A less than 1% scrap rate (currently many companies report a 25% scrap rate of single-walled containers after only one year)
  • Reduced cleaning costs due to smooth internal and external sides and base.
  • Now available with GPS tracking to give clear up to date information on:
  • Temperature of the container
  • Last known location
  • Movements between factories

To Find Out More…

Contact GW Containers on 01543 279122 and we would be delighted to offer a free cost/benefit analysis on how much the Saeplast containers could save you over a 10 year period.