Saeplast 405 Litre Purification System

Minimum Order Qty: 3

SAE 0405

The Saeplast 405 litre purification tank:

  • Innovative design with integrated water channels
  • Water circulation system to enable maximum flow and water renewal
  • Economic to use – optimum oxygenation
  • Fully integrated waste separator
  • Built-in safety features – hygienic – EU compliant

The Sæplast 405 depuration and wet storage container features a unique patented water flow design with corners that are exchangeable, enabling them to incorporate different perforations or even no openings, which gives the container the flexibility to be used for other products as well. In addition, the corners can be removed and cleaned separately if required for enhanced hygiene and food safety. The 405 Stacks with the pre-existing 705 Container.

Prod Code Ex Dims Int Dims Volume Weight Material
SAE0405 1125 x 1125 x 510mm 1010 x 1010 x 410mm 412L 40Kg PUR
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