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1000 Litre Insulated Container

SAE 1000

The GENUINE1000 Litre insulated container by Saeplast is constructed from a tough recyclable polyethylene shell and insulated with a rigid polyurethane foam. The Saeplast 1000 litre container is used for many applications from Fish Farming through to Waste & Recycling due to its large capacity and superior strength and long term costs savings. 

Saeplast is the ONLY PROVEN container on the market and Exclusively available only through GW Containers. WARNING: Cheap imitations are not the same product or quality as the Saeplast brand and have shown to be inferior in quality and life span. 

Click here to read our case study: 10 years and counting for one of our customers saving them £250k a year!!

The 1000 Litre is designed specifically for use with corrosive products such as saltfish, it can also be used for storage and harvesting of fish, for waste & recycling and for the vegetable industry.All our insulated pallet boxes are original Saeplast containers produced in Iceland with over 30 years experience and innovation, be sure to buy a proven container from Saeplast.

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