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How can i prevent losing my Dolav's?

We are delighted to announce that this year we launched our revolutionary new tracking system called MIND We can now not only extend the life of your single walled containers by as much as 5-8 times but we can now give real time data to the location of your containers, making your business more efficient and saving you thousands of pounds in losses and breakages.

What are the differences between Saeplast and similar "cheaper" products?

There are many differences between the original Saeplast insulated containers and cheaper copies of our products. The key thing to remember is "you get what you pay for", The saeplast brand have been market leaders in insulated containers and many companies claim to offer the same product. However, this is simply not true. Cheaper products generally are poorly made, weigh less and therefore have lower insulation properties and above all do not last as long as the Saeplast containers we supply which have now been proven in the toughest of environments for over 15 years. 

We can offer many examples of customers who have trialled cheaper containers and stuck with the Saeplast brand. Call us on 01543 279122 for more details.

What are your minimum order quantities?

Minimum order quantities can vary between products and manufacturers, where possible we display the minimum order. However if this is not displayed then please do contact us.

Why do you have minimum order quantities?

As we are a distributor for many leading world wide manufacturers it would be impossible to stock a full range of each product we have to offer in a range of sizes, whilst we do stock key products (shown by the available from stock icon), By having minimum order quantities we minimise transport costs by selling in full logistic quantities to give the very best prices to our customers and allowing far greater choice of products. 

What are your delivery costs?

Due to the varying nature of products and sizes we have to offer, delivery costs depend upon product, weight. quantity and location. We always shop around for the best prices for delivery or alternatively we are more than happy for you to collect.

How quickly we will receive delivery?

Again, due to the large and varied product range we have and the many manufacturers we deal with, delivery times can vary greatly. With items in stock at our warehouse we would aim to dispatch the order within a few days, whilst custom orders may take longer to produce and deliver. For more accurate delivery times please contact us.

Can you print boxes?

Depending on the size of the box we can print the following boxes from stock. We can also engrave all our range of Insulated containers at no extra cost!!